Welcome to Beartooth Realty and thank you for inquiring about the opportunity to work with our Brokerage.  Beartooth Realty isn't your typical brokerage, we believe in building a culture within our brokerage that encourages top performance with monetary bonuses and encompasses a  pay structure that grows the brand and cultivates mentoring with newer agents to advance in the business while expanding Beartooth's reach. 

Beartooth Realty offers a unique bonus structure that allows for top performers to not only earn back all their brokerage fees and splits, but to actually make more than 100% of their commission by earning an interest in the success of the company.  We are looking for agents that value education and mentorship and believe that new agents are an asset not another competitor.  We believe in creating a Brokerage that not only cultivates our new agents to achieve their maximum potential, but we also offer unique and lucrative incentives for those top performers that choose to be an integral part of the structure and success of the business. 

Beartooth Realty doesn't accept just any agent.  We believe in a positive atmosphere and a team built on mutual respect and engagement.  If this sounds like you then shoot us an email and maybe you will find you look good in orange.